Idea Box (24 to 28 February): Energy, Health, Nationalism, Film & Television, Food & Globalisation

The last week was spent in three key activities; trying to write the thesis, attending a seminar and organising undergraduate tutorials. Here's what might be relevant for others:

The Thesis: This week I was trying to write about the health impacts of indoor household pollution from fuels like wood, charcoal and kerosene. A paper that looked interesting and informative came from the well known Kirk Smith of UC Berkeley:

Rehfuess EA, Bruce NG and Smith KR. “Solid Fuel Use: Health Effect.” Nriagu JO (ed.) Encyclopedia of Environmental Health, v 5, pp. 150-161. Burlington: Elsevier, 2011.

However, I am still looking for papers which could give me a breakup of indoor pollution from kerosene lamps and solid fuels like wood. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.

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The Seminar: Dr. Tim Edensor of Manchester Metropolitan University, who is currently a light fellow at Durham University's Institute of Advanced Studies gave a very engaging talk on "Sensing National Spaces: Representing the Mundane in English Film and Television". This is a new paper that he is developing but a background to this could be gathered from his 2002 book titled "National Identity, Popular Culture and Everyday Life". In this talk Tim discusses how articles and spaces from the everyday are represented in Films and Television to associate them with the National Identity.  For me and my interest in photography, the most interesting argument from Tim that came in relation to representation was that an "image can conjure smell, sense, sounds" (rephrased). This argument of looking beyond just what is visible in an image seems very relevant for visual analysis. 

The Tutorials: This week like many other fellow tutors from Durham Geography, I had to organise a tutorial connecting the topics of Food Geography and Globalisation. A very interesting article from the Guardian presented by some students was titled "Just how much does it cost growers to give us bananas at 68p per kilo?" I would particularly encourage the readers to take a look at the comments section which provokes interesting debates on the nature of Alternate Food Networks. An interesting journal article on the same issue that I came across was about "French beans for the masses: a modern historical geography of food in Burkina Faso".


This is a new attempt to post some readings, ideas, thoughts every now and then as a way to share but also record these on the blog. For more keep an eye out for this space.


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