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I am a lecturer in Development and Environment at the Department of Geography, The University of Sheffield.

Before this I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the School of Innovation Sciences, Einthoven Institute of Technology (TUe). I work on the Developing and Implementing Smart Grids in India project in the Technology, Innovation and Society (TIS) group here. Responsible for Work Package 3 of the project, I am looking at the social and institutional as aspects. Here's a brief video introduction to our project.

My PhD research, completed in 2015, is titled Energy Access in an Era of Low Carbon Transitions: Politicising Energy for Development Projects in India. This research is based around themes of culture, development and energy in rural Bihar, one of the poorest states of India. It studies innovative solutions like solar lanterns and biomass micro grids as possible solutions for rural electrification in India. Situating itself between the domains of energy and development, the thesis uses governmentality and assemblage approaches to understand the everyday politics of energy access.

Before the PhD I spent about 4 years working on energy and development in South Asia. I have worked with rural communities on designing sustainable renewable energy projects with livelihood benefits. The projects have spanned from MW scale biomass combustion projects to kW scale solar rooftop and biomass gasification projects. I also have practical experience of renewable energy financing through UNFCCC’s Clean Development Mechanism. 

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